Massive inventory of Loadfloors honeycomb fiber-core-panels
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Finished and Carpeted Loadfloors Fiber trunk panel
Honeycomb Core being trimmed to size
Large inventory of materials in stock
Honeycomb Fiber-Core-Panel
Honeycomb fiber material waiting for processing.
Honeycomb Fiber-Core-Panel sandwiched
Honeycomb core material processing line
Honeycomb core materials processing before trimming
Finished, carpeted, and installed Loadfloors fiber core trunk panels.
Honeycomb Fiber-Core-Panel sandwiched and processing
Loadfloors Honeycomb Fiber Panels
Strong hollow Honeycomb panel cells
Interior of a Loadfloors Composite Honeycomb Fiber-Core-Panel
Trimmed Honeycomb Fiber-Core-Panel
Loadfloors Honeycomb Core before expansion.
Finished and carpeted Loadfloors Honeycomb Fiber trunk panel.


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We are excited to work with you on your next project, and look forward to adding you to our growing list of companies who have used our honeycomb core in a variety of applications. Here are some of those companies:
Automobile Manufacturers that utilize honeycomb fiber-core-panels.